Saturday, August 1, 2009

Top 10 Moments of FAIL This Year for the Royals: No. 7

Royals give up 2nd round draft pick for reliever Juan Cruz

After Dayton Moore completely destroys a pretty darn good 2008 bullpen, he realizes his mistake and signs Juan Cruz to a 2 year deal worth over $6 million dollars. Cruz was considered a "Type B" free agent, meaning if a team decides to sign him, the forfeit their 2nd round pick to said player's former team.

Cruz was coming off of a year in which he posted his lowest ERA in his career, 2.61. The ERA looked good, but he had a below average WHIP for a reliever at 1.258. Plus, he had been pitching in the soft hitting NL West. Also left out in the Royals research of Cruz was a 7.44 ERA he had posted in the American League in 28 games with Oakland.

Now we are seeing that his stats in the National League do not necessarily transfer to the American League. Cruz was slated as the Royals main setup man out of Spring Training, but has posted a 6.41 ERA since then.

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