Monday, October 3, 2011

Royals Kingdom Mail Bag: 10/2

So I forgot about an email account I created in Spring Training for the Royals Kingdom mailbag about two months ago, but apparently you guys didn't. I opened up the "mail bag" to find ten emails sent during the last week of the season. So I've decided to forgo my season wrap-up post and instead answer the questions from you, the people. Also, if you want to email me during the offseason, just send your questions to with "Mailbag" in the title and be sure to give your name and location.

What do you think we do with Wil Myers? Really seemed to struggle at the plate. Is he still considered a legitimate prospect and does he have any trade value? -Tim J., Grandview

Wil was considered to be one of the many crown jewels of the farm system in 2010. Unfortunately, his 2011 campaign was marred with injury and prolonged slumps. But the talent is still undoubtedly there. As far as trade value, it has never been lower. Trading Myers now would be pretty negligent by the Royals as other teams would likely be able to drive down the price with the not-so-special numbers Myers put up last year. I think Wil's future is somewhat unclear with the organization. But I may be wrong. Myers is not a center fielder. If Melky Cabrera leaves to make room for Myers, then that leaves the Royals without a center fielder. If anyone is going to be moved to make room for Myers next season, it will have to be either Jeff Francouer or Alex Gordon. It's a tough spot, but it is definitely one of those good problems to have.

Do the Royals have any chance to sign CJ Wilson? -Mary C., Overland Park

Not really. His performance in Game One of the ALDS certainly didn't drive up his price. But the reality is that CJ Wilson is going to get a contract very similar to that of Jayson Werth. In other words, it is borderline insane to give a 31-year-old pitcher anything more than a five year, $50 million deal (See Meche, Gil). I've always liked CJ Wilson, but with this crop of awful free agent pitchers this offseason, Wilson is going to get a monster deal upwards of $100 million. The Royals are best served sitting on their giant stockpile of cash and waiting on the loaded 2013 free agent class or making a play on a pitcher via trade.

What's the plan for Melky Cabrera? Do we sign him long term? -Ryan T., Kanduhar, Afghanistan

First, thank you for your service! Melky is still arbitration eligible, so I doubt the Royals make any kind of long term commitment. Melky will be 28 next season and if he produces like he did in 2011 next season, then I think we may be wise to lock him up for a few years. Melky has the tools that's for sure. Hitting 18 home runs in Kauffman Stadium isn't exactly easy either. Melky has legitimate power, especially for a center fielder. The smart move would be to keep him around next year OR possibly float him as trade bait this winter. But once again, you would be running the risk of banking on Lorenzo Cain to replace Melky's production in the lineup. I hope the Royals keep Melky around. With his bat in the #2 spot protecting Gordon and Billy Butler, this offense could be very potent next year.

What kind of potential does this offense have? Is 800 runs next year out of the question?
-Daniel T., Columbia, MO

800 runs is not out of the question. This is all stringent upon Jeff Francouer, Melky Cabrera and Alex Gordon all repeating, if not improving upon last year's numbers. As far as potential goes, the sky is the limit. The lineup is in place and the young guys got valuable MLB experience. If the mythical "sophomore slump" strikes Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer, Johnny Giavotella and Sal Perez, we may have an issue. But the likelihood of that happening is very, very slim. The offense is sure to be stacked and may be one of the best in the AL Central. But one thing is for sure, this team isn't going anywhere unless we improve the pitching staff. Another thing to consider is the amount of blowout wins that the Royals had in the last two months of the season. Good teams win blowouts and the Royals had an above .500 record in games where the final score was decided by five or more runs. This offense could have the makings of one of the best in club history if things keep progressing the way they did in August and September.

Do you have any cool ideas for what the Royals should do for the All Star Game next year? -Shannon K., Independence

I have full confidence that the Royals and Kansas City are going to put on a great show for the All Star Game next July. That being said, here's what the Royals should do for the Midsummer Classic:

- No Garth Brooks
- No Garth Brooks
- No Garth Brooks

Kidding aside, I think a concentrated effort to involve the Negro Leagues and Negro Leagues Baseball Museum needs to be the theme of the entire week.

Thanks for the questions, guys. Keep 'em coming through the offseason! I plan on doing this once a month.