Sunday, March 31, 2013

Opening Day Special: Royals Must Follows on Twitter

Each year as baseball season beckons, I feel it is my duty to inform the electoral public about the best Royals follows on Twitter. Seeing as I am the authority on all things Royals baseball and everyone else can suck it, I give you the 2013 Blogger Formerly Known As Royals Kingdom Royals Twitter Must Follow List Extravaganza. Note that these are in no particular order.

Play this and announce the names in Mike McCartney's voice while you read the list. Thank me later:

@TheJeffReport- Blogger for 610 Sports and Royals aficionado. Movie and TV critic and an even-keeled Royals fan.

@mhays83- SB Nation Kansas City's resident Royals columnist, Iowa native and Karl Welzein enthusiast.

@SungWooLee- Get a view of the Royals from half-way around the world. Sung Woo is a South Korean national living in his home country and following the Royals 14 hours ahead of us here in KC.

@SorryRoyalsFan- The handle says it all, but Nick Blevins is one of the many Royals fans who have mastered the art of self-degradation and self-loathing on Twitter.

@GoRoyalsGo- Just another funny Royals fan. Another solid member of the Royals Twittersphere.

@MinnesotaRoyal- Gage Matthews Twitter handle will confuse the hell out of you. He lives in Nashville, not Minnesota, but whatever. I guess he went to college there.

@doublestix- Keith Blackburn knows baseball and Royals prospects.

@scottsportsman- A good friend and fraternity brother who is an expert in the plight of the KC sports fan.

@RoyalsFBFans- Take a look inside the short bus of the internet, the Royals Facebook comments section. Everything from radically misspelled names of players to questions as to whether the stadium is still next to Arrowhead.

@CreepyRoyalsFan- This one explains itself. Normally, I'm not a fan of parody accounts, but whoever is behind this one is a deviant, but a hilarious deviant.

@ClintT13- Sportswriter for St. Joe's paper, a paper that employs a fantastic team of Royals tweeters who fill out a good chunk of this list.

@MarkSchremmer- Reporter for the Joplin paper. Great follow for up to date quotes, scores and solid writing with a little bit of humor mixed in.

@cupcakesarenice- I think she's the only gal on the list, but she's the resident sports broad of the Royals twittersphere. She's funny, not just for a girl, and hates being a Royals fan just like the rest of us.

@CodyThorn- Hot sports takes here, sports fans. Cody has opinions and is also a member of the St. Joe Royals Twitter mob. I believe they meet at Denny's every Wednesday.

@PCBearcat- Sports editor of St. Joe's paper and inventor of the #CountryBreakfast phenomenon. What an idiot.

@scobes15- Don't mention Alex Gordon around him because you'll only make the situation awkward. Former pitcher with an Uncle Rico complex and ferverous disdain for everything Dayton Moore.

@michaelengel- Head honcho over at Kings Of Kauffman, Fansided's Royals blog who has squired a rock solid team of Royals bloggers. Also a co-host of the KC Baseball Vault with a couple other guys. I forget their names.

@grogg- Everyone's favorite. Greg Layton is the best. He tweets a lot about a lot of things, mostly Royals and Cubs baseball. #SummerOfGrogg

@KevinMcGannon- He's my brother and loves taking pictures of himself. Don't let that discourage you. He's got youthful optimism about the Royals. It's admirable.

@Speck60- Jared Speckman loves reminding everyone that he invented the #BooCano movement that gained KC so much notoriety in the summer of 2012. Idiot.

@DannyParkins- I tried to stay away from most media guys on this list, but Danny is a good baseball mind and my favorite radio guy in KC at the moment.

@BHIndepMO- He's been a staple on this list ever since it's inception and a member of the old guard of the Royals twittersphere.

@Kevin_Agee- One of the most knowledgeable and sarcastic Royals fans out there, which is impressive considering we're all grumpy most of the time.

@DBLesky- Writer over at Pine Tar Press. Just a solid Royals follow.

@benhill88- Another friend of mine, but also another former baseball player with Uncle Rico syndrome. Idiot.

@TJFSports- Tom is an enjoyable Twitter follow. Versatile and funny. If you like basketball, NBA or college, he's a great follow for that too.

@GJAlexander- There's a special knack for mastering humor on Twitter, and Gavin has it. I'm running out of superlatives, so forgive me if these summaries run short.

@Greg_Schaum- I feel like he invented Royals Twitter. Was the first guy I followed on Twitter way back in 2009 and he's the former boss over at Pine Tar Press. Solid go-to for any and all questions about the Royals farm system.

@MimonFishbaum- Just another funny dude who hates to love the Royals.

@oldmanduggan- Josh Duggan is one of the best Royals writers out there and has had it out for Dayton Moore for a long time, and rightfully so.

@RoyallySpeaking- Another one of the good guys over at Kings of Kauffman. One of the first guys I followed on Twitter as well.