Monday, July 27, 2009

Top 10 Moments of FAIL This season for the Roilets: No. 9


Only at Kauffman Stadium, right? After numerous questionable injuries to stars like Alex Gordon, Coco Crisp and Joakim Soria, renowned blogger Rany Jazayerli calls for head trainer Nick Swartz to be fired. The Roilets go on a tyrannous rage and ban Rany from the Royals clubhouse (even though he lives in Chicago). They also go as far to say that media outlet that speaks to Rany shalt be banished from speaking to any Royals players indefinitely.

The incredible part is that the fans revolted against the Royals. You know things are bad when the fans stick up for a blogger rather than an organization. Soon after the organization realized they made a boo-boo, they accepted Rany's apology and went their seperate ways.

One fan even staged a William Wallace-esque battle cry after being on Crownvision during an in between innings gameshow, bellowing: "Rany rules!"


  1. This one was bizarre. And the fact that they went to war with a blogger illustrates how the organization has been getting a free ride with the press out there. Try trotting out such a Benny Hill bunch of ballplayers in New York, Boston – anywhere on the East Coast, really – and the press would eat them up like piranha.

  2. I only see two momements. I guess this is one moment of fail for Royals Kingdom.

  3. ^^He's doing 2 or 3 a week, jackass