Saturday, August 1, 2009

Big 12 Preview: South

The South will rise again....and again, and again. With three possible candidates for a bid to the BCS Championship, the Big XII South division has once again proven that it is possibly the most difficult division to win in college football. Here are my predictions (including rivalry games!) on which team will take down the South this year and possibly be playing in Pasadena come January. For the others, I will predict their records and which bowl they will go to.

6. Texas A&M- Mike Sherman has quite a bit of rebuilding to do. This once proud program has been struggling to find something for the 12th man to cheer about. Record: 4-8, No Bowl.

5. Texas Tech- Mike Leach is a brilliant football coach, but the losses of Harrell and Crabtree cannot be replaced in just one year. They will yet be a good football team, but nowhere near enough to win the South. Record 8-4, Sun Bowl.

4. Baylor- Now before you all write me off, just wait a minute. Robert Griffin is the next big thing in the Big 12. He's a beast, Brad Smith 2.0. Plus with a pretty good O-Line protecting him, I expect big things from this reeling program. Record 8-4, Texas Bowl

3. Oklahoma St.- Mike Gundy is going to lead this team to a BCS bowl bid this year. They are definitely my sleeper pick to take it all down, and no, I don't mean the Big 12, I mean the National Championship. Record 10-2, Holiday Bowl.

2. Oklahoma- A great team, but if they want to return to the National Championship game, they'll have to beat Texas. Record 11-1, Fiesta Bowl

1. Texas- Colt McCoy will be unstoppable this year. Texas is undoubtedly a team of destiny this year. The only team that can stop Texas is Texas. Record 13-0, BCS Championship

Oklahoma beats Okla St., 40-37

Red River Shootout
Texas Beats OU, 45-35

Texas/Texas Tech
Texas beats Tech, 54-35

Texas/Texas A&M
Texas beats A&M, 55-24

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