Saturday, January 30, 2010

Preview for Royals Kingdom Radio: 1/31

Where has the optimism gone?

Join myself and James Puester as we talk about where all the optimism surrounding the Royals has gone. In the past few years, the Royals have had positive talk surrounding them entering Spring Training. Last year, a few media outlets picked them to win the division, and fans were wondering if it was the year the Royals finally turned the corner.

We'll break this down and more, tomorrow at 4pm only on 1140 KCXL and 1160 KCTO. We might even take some calls to get what your thoughts are on the upcoming season.

*Also an apology for not posting anything new this week! Pretty slow Royals week wouldn't you say?


  1. Will you guys ever post podcasts of your shows? I am out in NJ and unfortunately a huge Royals fan, but would like to listen to your shows.

  2. Trying to get clearance from the station! I think I might be able to post them this week. Check back monday!