Saturday, January 23, 2010

Preview for Royals Kingdom Radio 1/24/2010

Big show lined up for tomorrow! We'll have Daniel Shoptaw from the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and C70 at the Bat, a St. Louis Cardinals blog. We'll have his thoughts on Rick Ankiel and we'll talk about the Baseball Bloggers Alliance.

We'll focus on what the Ankiel deal means for the Royals this year and possibly in the future.

Tune in tomorrow at 4pm only on 1140 KCXL! If you aren't in the listening area, stream it on your computer or iPhone here


  1. So, I would like to listen, bu I was watching good football today. You going to put these into a podcast by chance?

  2. I am going to start archiving my radio shows within the next month or so. I just need to get clearance from the station. Keep checking back!