Saturday, January 30, 2010

All-Decade Worst Plays

Its been a pretty slow week on the Royals front, no big trades, although a few rumblings, but nothing meaty enough to write about. That being said, to take a phrase from Lou Brown of "Major League", how about I give you a nice big **** burger to eat? Big thanks to Jeff Parker at Royally Speaking for being my muse on this one.

Terrence Long and Chip Ambres watch a fly ball drop between them in a game in 2005.
The Royals had already given up a big lead in the inning when a fly ball was hit to medium left centerfield. Outfielders Ambres and Long settled under the ball, looked at eachother, took one step towards the dugout simultaneously and then allowed the ball to drop between them.

Ken Harvey hits Jason Grimsley in the face with a throw to home in 2004. A slow dribbler caught Harvey and Grimsley in between the pitcher's mound and 1st base, as Harvey attempted to catch the runner from third at the plate, Grimsley's face ran into Harvey's arm and both laid on the ground, writhing in pain, as the runners advanced.

Kerry Robinson tries to make "Web Gems" in 2006. Probably the worst defensive play I have ever seen. CF Kerry Robinson races back to the wall in pursuit of a high fly ball to right center, he leaps to make a circus catch at the wall and....the ball falls 10 feet in front of him.

Royals Bullpen implodes and gives up 8-3 lead with two outs in the bottom of the 9th. The 2008 Royals were about to end a long losing streak against the Minnesota Twins as things became unraveled in the ninth. Joel Peralta was brought on to stop the bleeding as All-Star Closer Joakim Soria sat in the bullpen. Peralta gave up a go ahead homerun to Craig Monroe and the Twins went on to win the game and the Royals went on to lose 12 in a row.

Juan Gonzalez comes up limp. He literally took one step out of the batters box in a game against Oakland in 2004, and went down like a ton of bricks before even getting half way to first base. After playing in 33 games for the Royals, Juan-Gone spent the rest of the 2004 campaign on the DL.

Runelvys I. After being shaken off several times in the previous inning, Catcher John Buck confronts Runelvys Hernandez in the Royals dugout and the two begin fighting. Teammates try to break up the bald Buck and burly Hernandez. Hilarity ensues.

Runelvys II. After yet another Runelvys Hernandez curveball goes wild in a game vs. Detroit in 2005, nicking Tigers SS Carlos Guillen on the toe, Guillen argued that the ball had hit his foot and he should be awarded 1st base. The umpire declined the protest and play resumed. With the next pitch, Hernandez hurled a fastball at Guillen's head, careening off of his helmet and sending him to the ground. Hernandez then storms towards Guillen, who had been collecting himself on the ground. Benches clear, Elvys ejected. Hilarity ensues.

Runelvys II-b. After the benches had cleared, seemingly harmless relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt was charged by current Royal, Kyle Farnsworth. Farnsworth then form tackled Affeldt to the ground and began whaling away at Affeldt's head as the teams tried to pry the two apart.

Thats my list, whats yours?

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