Friday, April 30, 2010

Hope Is a Funny Thing

Remember when Dayton Moore was hired in 2006? People rejoiced. We were dancing in the streets. He promised parades on the Plaza and a contending team by 2010! He used words like "process", "grit", "responsibility" and "hope".

Hope. It's a funny word. We hope it won't rain today. We hope that our car starts. We hope that our fledgling-no-better-than-an-expansion-franchise of a team can be led by competent leadership. That's what we had. It is in short supply now in KC. The Chiefs 1990-2004 dynasty was over. Kansas City sports fans were reeling. Then came our white knight. Waving the Atlanta Braves flag and proclaiming that he would save us.

And here we are.

Nearly 5 seasons later and nothing. Dayton Moore made the promise. He promised to spend money wisely. Eliminate waste. Spend money in Latin America. Nothing. There is nothing to show for it except for an 8-14 team with a roster that has been filled rather than constructed. We had a lights out bullpen in 2008 that led the team to its highest win total since 2003 and an 18-8 September. Then it was demolished to make room for high risk, expensive veteran talent. A 97 loss season followed.

Now we're being told to be patient. Guess what? We've been patient. Most diehards are ready to jump ship. But we can't. We're tied down. Held at the mercy of incompetence and "processes". Our young fans are being told that carousels, dollar hot dogs and fireworks are reasons to go out to the ballpark. Our young fans are being told that 97 loss seasons are okay because we have a Cy Young winner. People are settling for less. That is the worst thing that can happen.

Settling for less means that the Glass family can get away with it. They can get away with signing Dayton Moore to a 5 year extension because the bottom line is growing. We just paid $250 million dollars out of pocket to renovate your stadium so you could generate more revenue. Now we're being told that we need 2 million fans to show up to watch this awful product before we can spend more money. Guess what? We can give you more money to spend. But throwing money at your problems doesn't solve your problems. Just look at Kansas City Public Schools. $2 billion dollars down the drain and we just closed half our schools and fired half of our teachers.

Money isn't the problem. Leadership is the problem. We want to go to the ballpark and cheer. We want our owner to be at most of the games. We want to know we will win everytime Zack Greinke toes the rubber. We want to high five strangers after that big late inning home run to win a big divisional game. We want our manager to storm out of the dugout after an umpire makes a brutal call that loses the game for us.We want to cry tears of joy when that final out is made in October.

We've done our part. We've done it for 25 years. You've been here for 10 years. They've been the worst 10 years in Royals history. It isn't a coincidence. The time for change is now.

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  1. Great article, spot on! It expresses exactly the way I feel about the Royals. A fan since I can remember, grew up listening to Denny and Fred on the radio. You are right, we would like to jump ship but we can't, not possible. It is our team, the fans and we have been beyond patient. I would also love to see our Manager storm out of the dugout to argue a disputed call. I would like to see him get some respect, but respect is earned, not given. Just like with the Royals, how about we do some house cleaning and build a team of ballplayers that have some chemistry like they did in the 80's. Not the most talent but a lot of heart and desire to play hard every time they stepped on the field. Where in the world did it all go??