Tuesday, April 27, 2010

M's DH/LF Woes Mean Big Series for JoGui, DDJ and Scotty Pods

So here's what I've gathered from the M's blogosphere: The offense is bad, Milton Bradley sucks and it may be time for Ken Griffey Jr. to hang 'em up. So this creates an interesting scenario. If Griffey Jr. was to retire or Milton Bradley was DFA'ed or booed out of Seattle, it would create holes at DH and Left Field for the Mariners. Thus leaving the M's with quite a conundrum. They are one of the AL's worst offenses, as stated in my previous post, ranking near the bottom of the league in every offensive category(dead-freaking-last in home runs, too).

And here I come, with my evil professor scenario. Are the Mariners desperate enough to trade for Jose Guillen? I mean, why not? The guy is loved in the Pacific Northwest. He posted a pretty good season in Seattle. Good enough for one unnamed GM to give him a $36 million dollar deal. So what if the Royals eat, oh say $7-8 million of what is left on the contract? I say do it. The return on Guillen is never going to be higher. The guy can't get out. Everything he hits finds its way into a gap or over the fence. It is a perfect time to show him off to the Mariners and say "hey, look at this guy we've got here. He sure beats the pants off of your aging/aged Hall of Famer".

So maybe Jack Zduriencik isn't interested Jose Guillen. VH1 would be all over the Mariners front office trying to get a reality show about their clubhouse with Milton Bradley and JoGui Wheelz in the mix together. Interesting thing about the continuous experiment that is Milton Bradley is that he sucks when he doesn't have 2008 Josh Hamilton protecting him in the order. He's hit 3 HR and driven in 10 runs while mashing for a .167 average. So Jack Z may be ready to cut bait with FrankenBradley.

Well, we've got a couple of pretty productive Left Fielder's in our outfield right now. In fact, our left fielders are so good that our Right Fielder is actually our best Left Fielder! I know, it's crazy! So here's my scandal. Shop DDJ and Scotty Pods to the M's, include Jose Guillen as a side dish and see what Jack Z has to say about it. He's been viewed as a traditional GM with a scouting background, but has become obsessed with defensive metrics, and I'm sure he would like DeJesus' 18.8 career UZR/150 patrolling left field at Safeco Field.

But this of course is all hinging on whether or not Dayton Moore can pull this off...

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