Monday, May 17, 2010

Quick Thoughts on the Beginning of the Yost Era

Hey what do you know the Royals are 3-1 under new manager, Ned Yost, and have won four out of their last five games. There are some pretty obvious changes that have been made. First, Yost has moved Jason Kendall into the 9-hole, which is awesome, considering most National League pitchers are better hitters than Jason Kendall.

The best part of NedBall is his apparent disdain for small ball. The Royals have tried to play for the big inning in nearly all of the games, which is encouraging, especially when Trey Hillman played the game like it was always the 8th inning of a National League game.

And a non-Yost thought quickly. I am sick of Jose Guillen. He is a curse. A nasty scab on this franchise. He is blocking Kila Ka'aihue. He costs this team runs and contributes very little to the success of the team. After being demoted, Kila refused to give an interview with reporters and why should he? He got treated like garbage, like every other Baird-era draftee has been treated by Dayton Moore. I think that Dayton Moore believes that Baird draftees can't play every day at the big league level until they're 28 years old.

Gotta swallow the pride Dayton. Baird drafted the Polynesian Powerbolt in the 15th round and you gave the Dominican Deficient $36 million buckaroos.


  1. Kendall may be a shell of his former self, but let's be realistic... he's sporting a .350 OBP while playing nearly every day. Let's give the man a *little* respect.

  2. He's also a career .289 hitter...and .277 thus far this year.......certainly not deserved of his former spot, so where else do you put him...but 9.

    Respect is deserved though for sure. He's thrown out more base stealers than John Buck threw out all of his entire tenure as a Royal (OK maybe not, but you get my point)....even if his throws tail to the first base side ALL THE TIME.

  3. Yes, I should give credit where credit is due. Kendall has exceeded expectations so far. His defense has been very good as well.

    He is one of the few older guys in baseball, much like Mark Grudzielanek and Jason Varitek who actually deserve to play on a regular basis.

  4. Doesn't Kendall hit nearly .300 every April and do a long fade?

    Respect? How about he plays in 110 games and we play Pena for 50 or so? Seriously, does anyone think Kendall will be still playing for us in 2012-2013 when we should be in contention?