Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Catcher in the Why?

I don't know what to think about the Royals lack of moves, yet the plethora of rumors surrounding the team have been somewhat entertaining. Ivan Rodriguez, Felix Pie, Milton Bradley, Jason Kendall have all been names associated with the Royals. None so far are actually wearing Royal blue.

It is obvious that Dayton Moore is treading lightly, not making bad trades...yet, and getting a feel for the market. I would hope that he stays away from overpriced vets like he did with Ivan Rodriguez, and perhaps stick with actually better options that he already has on the roster like Brayan Pena and John Buck. Pena's OPS+ was 100 last year, while Buck's was 103. Pena caught steals at a rate of 35% in 2009, while Buck had a career low of 16%. Here now are the OPS+ and Caught Stealing rates of Royals' suitors Jason Kendall, Bengie Molina and Rod Barajas from 2009:

Kendall: 72 OPS+, 20% CS
B. Molina: 88 OPS+, 23% CS
Barajas: 73 OPS+, 34%

Put those numbers up against Buck and Pena's and it is clear that the Royals have a better catching tandem already on their 25-man roster than Free Agency can provide them. Buck and Pena should enter Spring Training as the two candidates for the starting catcher's job. It's not like the Royals have a rookie laden rotation that needs a veteran to teach them the way of success. Buck and Pena showed that they could handle the pitching staff with relative ease last year. There is no need to change this. There are much bigger problems that the Royals should be addressing. Like re-stocking a depleted bullpen, adding a lefty power bat to compliment Billy Butler and take pressure off Alex Gordon. Lefty starter anyone???

Once Dayton Moore gets over his love affair with overrated, awful, old catchers, then the Royals automatically become a better team.

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