Saturday, November 28, 2009

Border War Deserves to be in KC Forever

Should there be any doubt to it? The last three years of this rivalry have been more exciting than any in College Football. Ohio State routs Michigan each time. Notre Dame can't run with USC's horses anymore. Florida and Georgia had a nice run for a couple of years. Is there any other rivalry that crosses over from football to basketball and carries just as much clout in each sport? Duke/UNC is strictly on the hardwood, Michigan/Ohio State is on the gridiron.

But honestly, is there any other rivalry in the past three years that has exceeded expectations in every single game? Every game that has been played in Arrowhead has been decided by less than one possession. 36-28, 40-37, 41-39.

This isn't coincidence. Lew Perkins, Mike Alden and the Hunt family should sit down and figure out a way to have this game played at Arrowhead Stadium for the next 100 years. The pure magic of this event is just that: pure magic. I use the word event because this isn't a game anymore. It is an unofficial Kansas City holiday. All of the Kansas City MU and KU students are back home for Thanksgiving. The same kids who were raised on the 1990s Kansas City Chiefs, Marty Magic and Arrowhead in December. This game needs to be played here. A neutral battlefield on which the ghosts of the Civil War can play out their final battle. Where two schools, two community, two lifestyles clash in a war that will be faught even when our childrens' childrens' children have grown to know what this game means to Kansas City.

The Border War is now as much a part of Kansas City as the Plaza Lights or the American Royal. It deserves to be here forever.

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